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Tantric Massage in Geneva

Tantric Massage in Geneva

Tantric Massage explained

Tantra means expansion and creativity,  as in Tan’ and Tra’ means liberation and freedom,  it is a spiritual and physical path, that can give you supreme pleasure, and a  life changing, experience in many different ways. Its roots from India and Tibet, go back to more than 7,000 years ago.

A doorway to self discovery, meditation, yoga and essential relaxation breathing techniques take place to infuse the delights of receiving a tantric realisation, an awakening that is waiting to be ignited ! exotic touch that includes lingam penis massage, and a full body massage, to include every part of your body.

Tantra includes everything, none of your body is left out, it is a holistic form of discovering more about yourself, from subtle touch, to erotic and very exciting sexual arousal.  We use all the senses, touch, smell, visionary, and listening to soothing music in the background.

A slow sensual light touch, to start with, and using her skills the masseuse you choose, will include a fusion, of tactile caressing, we include warm oil, massaging in various styles, including the erogenous areas, inner thighs, buttocks, and perineum, only very experienced masseuses will know how to blend this, we at some point will take you to the breathing techniques where your erotic foreplay techniques are brought to receive the highest pleasure, it is at this point the lingam massage is taken through several peaks of even higher pleasure each time, then the masseuse will skilfully, relax you out of your orgasm, but only for a few moments, whilst your learning this special ritual, your arousal gets higher each time, and her intuitive hands will help you achieve a very powerful way of the full tantric orgasm!

Body to Body

We can also incorporate full body to body, it includes naked masseuse using her entire body to literally slide with you, prostate massage can also be included, if you wish.

Benefits Of  Tantric Massage

Stress Release!

The action of a full body massage, helps to release physical tight muscles, improve circulation, the mind is at the same liberated, and often experiences dream like feelings of relaxation, Endorphins are released, these are natural chemicals which help to dissipate adrenalin and cortisol, this helps to remove stress hormones, your body will create more harmony and balance within, and beautiful feelings of  pleasure and peace, arise!

Sensual & Erotic Arousal

It increases sensual sensitivity, awareness, & sexual creativity, it shows us how to share a more meaningful, intimate relationship. We teach sensual and erotic massages, for men and women, – how to arouse your lover tantrically through touch.

Ejaculatory Control

It helps you develop your own sexuality, how to enjoy more longer foreplay, how you can master your own orgasms, and how to have multiple orgasmic experiences without losing semen,  how your mind and body are connected to develop your inner power within, through tantric breathing, and other techniques we will show you when you book a session.   Please only use skilled qualified tantra practitioners, who know how these energies work, so you don’t get disappointed.

Taoist Massage

Mantak Chia author of the multi-orgasmic man, we use these powerful techniques with our special blend of massage, and other sensory awareness so you can master prolonged and powerful orgasms.

Reduction of blood pressure

The action of massage in itself is a very healing process, as it helps to bring a reduction of blood pressure and alleviate this life threatening condition.

Increase of  Passion and Sex Drive

It increases your sexual drive and your hormones, as it stimulates the full body sensory emotions to increase, helpful if your under stress, tired or just need a boost, it is natural and 100% healthy. A natural health drive also helps to dissolve  anger and frustration.

Decreases Depression and Improve Self Esteem

The sensual touch enhances not only sexual drive and libido, but helps to remove depression, stagnation, helps to improve self esteem, in ones self, very important for both men and women.

Improves Sleep

Touch therapy, has been increased especially in the 20th century, to help alleviate, stressful busy lives we lead, especially in the big cities, where everything runs around, and many don’t make time for the important parts of their lives. Before you realise, your not sleeping well, you feel tired, cant get up in time for work etc, many people have regular sessions to address such issues, and always very helpful, as it delivers pure relaxation!

A Better Lover

It also helps man to become a better and more sensitive, considerate lover, as he learns and expands his orgasmic potency, to prolong his sexual drive and ability to delay orgasms, means he can share this beautiful intimacy with his lady or partner. See our double lingam sessions under Rates page for more info.

Many men say that sensual erotic touch has given them a new lease of life!  many say its better than sex! Its all about quality of touch, and the sensational pleasure foreplay that you receive. What  joy !  to be caressed and  receive the art of touch!

Call me to book a session you will find exciting and a memorable time ! telephone number  0041.